Our team


Dramane COULIBALY is the ICON president. He is the regional coordinator of CESAO, an organization aimed at working on economic and social development in rural and peri-urban areas by strengthening  capacities of local actors to self-promote. Dramane has also created an initiative to destock animals to produce dried meat in Niger.

Lamisse KANDIL

Moroccan, French and Lebanese, Lamisse KANDIL has been the CEO ICON since August 2018.
Since 2013, sheoperates against malnutrition in Burkina Faso as an agri-food engineer to provide local solutions to nutritional problems specific to the African continent.
Convinced that her generation is a motor for african development, Lamisse decides to join the ICON team to help ensure that African countries are no longer seen as observers but as actors.
Nutrition in Africa is a vast project that integrates capacities of different actors and their development. The main challenge is to create on North / South and on South / South multi-stakeholder bridges.

Guiding line of her actions is to value African resources, whether in social, economic, technical or environmental dimensions.


Mene Blessing is the ICON Vice President  He is a Nigerian entrepreneur, founder of several entities such as the Bold Nutrition Company and Unfire (Unorthodox feeds Innovation for Enterprising Smallholder Farmers). Through his work, Mene aims to create economic opportunities for farmers through the reduction of food waste, which is a major problem in Nigeria.


Mama MANNEH is  the general secretary of ICON. He is the director of the Njawara Agricultural Training Centre (NATC), which aims to build the capacities of women and youth farmers on sustainable farming system in order to increase employment and improve agricultural productivity in Gambia and West Africa. Mama is also a mentor to Solicita, a cooperative supporting woman to market the products they grow.


Simone ZOUNDI is the ICON treasurer. She is an entrepreneur Burkinabe  who has developed Sodepal, confectionery and nutritious biscuits designed to combat child malnutrition in Burkina Faso. She is convinced that it is through agro-food industry that Burkina Faso will be able to develop.

African Farmer MOGADJI

African Farmer is an ICON member. He is a Nigerian entrepreneur in the agriculture sector. Through his organization Africanfarmer Food Chain Limited, he provides economic opportunities for the farming communities of Nigeria such as direct access to consumers, access to unused lands and production of farming inputs.