Salimata WADE

Organization name: La Compagnie du Bien-Manger (The Eating Well Company)

Type of organization: Enterprise

Country: Senegal

Place: Dakar

Creation date: 2006

Number of employees: 5

Products/Services: Marketing of healthy and nutritious meals and training in health cooking

Distribution chain: Supply to the center and deliveries

Market (local, national, international): Senegal

Type of clients:People in need of special diets

Partnership:National Training School for Family and Social Economy (ENFEFES), Abass Ndao Hospital in Dakar, National Telecommunications Company (SONATEL), Small and Medium size Businesses Development Agency (ADPME), Senegalese National Television (RTS)


In response to the resurgence of chronic diseases in Senegalese cities, Saly advocates a change in food culture towards a diet based on healthy local food products with recipes and modernized cooking methods. She identified 3 food-related public interest problems, which she provides solutions through “The Eating Well Company”: public health, economic and politico-cultural. To do this, she has documented the advantages and uses of various local products and dishes and offers curative and preventative cuisine for malnutrition-related illnesses, while being affordable for the poorest. She partners with physicians to provide patients with diet-based treatment plans in addition to their medical prescriptions. In addition to providing for her patients, she changes people’s mentalities through training and culinary education workshops with a view to changing the diet of Senegalese living in cities.


  • Production of dietetic and gastronomical meals, and often therapeutic, for people who are sick or need a specific diet
  • Food and nutrition education
  • Professional Dietetic Cooking training and introduction to dietary cooking based on local products and recipes
  • Provision of culinary aids and other local products and a methodology for popular easy-to-make cuisine, inspired by traditional cuisines and flavors from local cuisine’s emblematic products
  • Organizing a network of consumers associations promoting healthy, reliable and equitable food-related products and services for the protection consumer’s interests in their relations with professionals
  • Institutionalizing good practices, a planned approach to food management in a partnership with local elected officials who should be more involved (and more committed)

Social Impact

  • Local communities’ mindset change. “The Eating Well company” offer is innovative and shows the benefits of a healthy diet.
  • Education programs in schools.
  • Partnerships are also established with physicians and the Ministry of Health to amplify the impact.
  • Over 10 000 meals cooked per year and hundreds of people trained in dietary cooking techniques.


  • Human resources management. Trained team retention.
  • Product storage. Dakar is prone to shortages in essential products, which is forcing Saly to invest lot of money in food conservation, which is expensive. This often represents a loss of profit for “The Eating Well Company”.


  • In the short term: customize the new center of “The Eating Well Company”, so as not to be dependent on human resources and be able to coordinate all activities. Once the center is built, the goal will be to offer quality trainings with a digital medium and adequate materials.
  • Create a food research center as the knowledge in this area is not developed enough. She plans to work with students.
  • Create ready-to-eat products made through a mechanized production chain, in order to minimize investment in human resources. These products will be distributed in supermarkets.


  • Support in structuring the customized center and creating synergies between the different activities. The goal is to have a delicate technical expression for specific needs. She has already worked with the Polytechnic University on this need.
  • Networking with companies having RSEs sections to develop partnerships on nutritional education. Many associations need special meals and grants to make orders, partnership opportunities are therefore available.