Nutritional education

School Feeding Project is a result of an Ashoka health and nutrition initiative, in partnership with various stakeholders. The main goal is to make the new generation as a player in its own change in nutritional behavior and that of their community.

Ashoka, in partnership with Bold Nutrion, a member of ICON, launched the Nourishing Schools Program in 10 schools in Delta State, Nigeria.

Schools have been identified as a strategic entry point based on consultations, stakeholder reflections and surveys. Target group consists of children between 9-14 years old.

Today, all initiatives focus on pregnant women and infants. It is also essential to target children in their pre-adolescent years and their first years of adolescence.

9-14 age group offers a window to teach them lifestyle positive for their health.

Feeding Schools initiative is influential in schools, enabling them to behave improving nutrition of families and communities.

“Feeding Schools” focuses on different aspects of nutrition, such as improving quality of midday meals, communicating nutritional information through educational programs and access to drinking water …

One of the long-term goals is to enable schools to become part of the community and to encourage them to improve their nutrition. Collaboration with community organizations has resulted in a Crop Guide to encourage nutritious food culture for local consumption, document nutritional recipes and traditional remedies for various diseases.


Credits: Victor AGAGACHE