Lawrence AFERE

Lawrence AFERE is a Nigerian entrepreneur that has created Springboard, an NGO aiming to improve the quality of the Nigerian agriculture by creating opportunities for existing farmers and trainings for the ones wanting to enter this sector. Springboard also produces seedlings for farmers and plantain to be sold on the market to fight malnutrition.

African Farmer MOGAJI

African Farmer is a Nigerian entrepreneur in the agriculture sector. Through his organization X-Ray Farm consulting, he provides economic opportunities for the farming communities of Nigeria such as direct access to consumers, access to unused lands and production of farming inputs.


Mene Blessing is a Nigerian entrepreneur, founder of several entities such as the Bold Nutrition Company and Unfire (Unorthodox feeds Innovation for Enterprising Smallholder Farmers). Through his work, Mene aims to create economic opportunities for farmers through the reduction of food waste, which is a major problem in Nigeria.