Organization name: La Maison du Paysan & CEPROEMIR

Type of organization: Association

Country: Benin

Place: Lokossa

Creation date: 1999

Number of employees: 4

Products/Services: Training for all in agriculture and animal husbandry professions


Distribution chain: Word of mouth

Market (local, national, international): Benin, Togo, and Gabon

Types of clients: Poor rural community, consumers of nutritious products

Partners: Member of the Chamber of Agriculture of Benin, member of Rabbit Breeders, FAO, GIZ (material support, financial for training and staff), Helvitas




Michel offers an alternative agricultural approach to boosting the village economy and creating sustainable jobs in rural areas. Michel proposes new techniques for producing organic foods by combining traditional agro-pastoral practices with modern techniques. He also improves the yields of traditional breeding (ex: production in six months of 300 chickens from 10 local chickens). His inclusive approach approved by research centers and universities is aimed at farmers from all levels of the economy to engage in more profitable activities. After observing animal behavior, he developed simple techniques based on animal physiology to increase the productivity of local breeds. Going against the mainstream of traditional methods, Michel has shown that it is better to rear animals from different breeds together instead of separating them, which increases animal production efficiency. The successes of his methods have spread at national level.



  • Awareness raising (Agro-pastoral Awakening) on poverty causes (poverty is not a village thing) and on the opportunities of rural communities to improve their living conditions through agriculture
  • Training on poultry farming allowing to reduce the costs associated with peasants’ exploitation and how to make their animal husbandry profitable.
  • Financial support and equipment for the most deserving people (this donation is done through financial assistance from partners)
  • Sharing the concept with a dozen documentaries made by television channels such as ORTB, Africa 24, DW Tv Diaspora 24, at their own expense


Social Impact

  • Awareness-raising, + 4800 people were sensitized and trained through the «Agro-pastoral Awakening” program. Trainings on breeding techniques have been delivered to more than 3000 farmers in Benin, Togo, Cote d’Ivoire, Niger, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Cameroon, Gabon, Comoros Islands, and others were formed at their own request on the concept of “La Masion du Paysan” (The Farmzer’s House) they have adopted,
  • Production by the center of 450 local pigs, 5000 mixed breed roosters, 3000 mixed breed chicks, 1500 pigeon pairs, 2000 catfish but also 32 tons of large organic nightshade and 18 tons of organic plantains.
  • Access to nutritious food for several thousand people.
  • Creating jobs for hundreds of non-graduate youth. Many peasants also benefited from “La Maison du Paysan” counseling via social media, to improve the quality of their work and performance.
  • More than ten thousand (10 000) Internet users around the world visit our website every year



  • Limited financial resources and qualified personnel. Michel does not have the capacity to host students at his training center for a lack infrastructures.
  • Communication Management



  • Propose a more modern version of the Centre with automated production systems in order to have a better performance. This is the only for him to scale up his project.



  • Administrative support to develop a business plan and a communication plan, and also digital training.
  • Investments in the required infrastructure to strengthen the capacity of “La Maison du Paysan”

(The farmer’s House), starting with classrooms. Michel also needs equipment to develop them.