African Farmer MOGAJI

Name of the Organisation: X-Ray Farm consulting

Type of Organisation: NGO

Country: Nigeria

Location: Lagos

Creation date: 2007

Number of employees: 9

Products/Services: Production of agricultural seeds and land rental to farmers


Partners: Federal college of agriculture, NHOR national horticulture and research institutions, Agric development project ADP, Harvest Plus

Market (local, national, international):Nigeria

Types of clients: Rural community


Mogaji is addressing the issue of agricultural underproduction in Nigeria by empowering farmers with the land, tools and knowledge needed to modernize production and increase harvest yields. He has partnered with the government to access information on previously abandoned land and government equipment that could be used to expand agricultural production. Farmers’ lease the resources at a discounted rate. Thus, Mogaji partners with extension workers to gain access to new knowledge and then organizes the farmers into small cooperative groups and shares innovations in seed types, production techniques, and agricultural inputs with them. He is leveraging the available but unused agricultural infrastructure, and coupling it with training and support programs, to offer young Nigerians agricultural employment opportunities in rural areas. He is also transforming the distribution of agricultural produce between village and city by directly connecting farmers with urban “mobile markets”, boosting the output of an underperforming sector while ensuring that fresh, affordable food reaches urban consumers daily.


  • Partnership with the government to get access to unused agricultural infrastructure and couple it with training and support programs, to offer young talented Nigerians agricultural employment opportunities in rural areas
  • Provision of inputs such as seeds and fertilizers to farmers who repay X-Ray farming with either the cash value of the inputs or replacement inputs for other farmers to use
  • Connection of farmers with young entrepreneurs to maximize farmers profit and create job opportunities for youths
  • Spread of information about the markets and hosts city seminars through the radio so young people may learn about farming

Social impact

  • Access to good nutrition for thousands of people by improving the production and the offer of nutritious products
  • Improvement of the livelihood of hundreds of farmers through employment opportunities and trainings
  • Over 5500 youths and 700 women have benefitted from X-Ray Farming’s multiple programs through mobile coaching, online coaching and mentorship.


  • Market linkages in terms of establishing core markets in West Africa. The difficulty is entering new markets as the organization needs to be exposed to how things are done in other Western African countries
  • Face the informality in the Nigerian market, causing uncertainty and slowing development


  • Bring the farmers to use the land and government facilities just lying there and not being used
  • Create a franchise producing and commercializing boiled corn, which has enormous potential
  • Transfer the management jobs from African Farmer to trustworthy youths that will be trained


  • Consolidation of AfricanFarmer’s activities into a business plan
  • Market linkages in order to become international and develop the activities
  • Processing equipment for the production of sweet corn